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The Spider

This game aims at achieving as many points as possible by memorizing the positions of various insects. Behind each red button there is an insect to be matched with a similar one somewhere else in the web.

Just click 2 red buttons, and insects will pop up. If they are alike you gain a certain amount of points according to the value of the insects, and you can go on to click new buttons. If they differ there is no score, of course. When a mis-match occurs the second player gets his or her turn.

You can play against the computer and finally you can play tournament.
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Ljungs MasterMind OSX english version

The object of this game is to figure out the sequence of any 5 colors shown on the right. Start fillingthe row with the pointer by drawing any of the balls to the holes in the row, then press the “Ok”-button. Balls that have the right color and is placed right will get a small black ball on the left of the row and balls that have the right color but isn’t placed right will get a white ball but you will not be informed about which balls were correct. If you haven’t guessed the sequence by your 12th guess then the game is over and the sequence will be revealed to you.
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Stuff for Realbasic users!
This is a project with a module that returns a ISO-weeknumber from a specific date or set a date from a ISO-weeknumber. You may use the module as you please. Updatedt 6.februar 2005
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